Josh Duhamel Introduces Second Safe Haven Trailer

Safe Haven adapts a best-selling Nicholas Sparks novel about a beautiful but abused woman running from her angry spouse who settles in a rustic, coastal North Carolina town and waits for her husband to find her and beat her senseless yet again. OK, that’s not the official synopsis, but that’s what we’re getting out of the second Safe Haven trailer, which arrives mere days after the first one dropped.

You can check the new clips out below (and compare it to the first one right here):

This new one does come with a Josh Duhamel introduction, at least. It’s funny comparing the trailers. They are so very similar, with a different music cue or a different line reading separating one from the other. But they both set up the same story, which is that of fleeing spouse Katie (Julianne Hough) and the relationship she forms with a single father Alex (Duhamel), even as her predatory spouse (David Lyons) searches for his missing bride.

The Sparks brand remains strong at the box office. This Safe Haven clip reminds potential audience members that Dear John and The Notebook were based on his novels, and the younger audience ready to see this romantic drama on February 8, 2013 (when it opens) likely doesn't even know that Julia Roberts did this exact same thing in 1991’s Sleeping With the Enemy. At the very least, Relativity Media has perfectly positioned Safe Haven as the Date Night choice for the Valentine’s Day couples crowd … and the saccharine antidote to A Good Day to Die Hard, which opens on Feb. 14.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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