I tend to associate Josh Duhamel with Transformers sequels and half-hearted rom-coms, from Life As We Know It to Safe Haven. Nothing wrong with that. It’s partially my fault, and partially his, given the roles he has chosen. His latest, Scenic Route, is quite different, however, and soon enough you’ll be able to see why.

Scenic Route, a thriller co-directed by first-timers Kevin and Michael Goetz, was picked up by Vertical Entertainment at the Cannes Film Festival. Dread Central has the press release, which claims that the film will shoot for a theatrical release in August.
“Josh Duhamel has over one billion dollars in box office to his name, yet somehow finds a role in Scenic Route, unlike any other he’s had before” said Rich Goldberg of Vertical. "He truly has brought himself to another level, and paired with the wonderful Dan Fogler, we felt the success of the film couldn’t be questioned in the independent market. We plan on utilizing every platform possible, from theatrical, digital and VOD, physical, as well as all other ancillary markets, to get this film to as broad an audience as possible.”

In the film, Duhamel and Fogler play old friends who have drifted apart who have to learn to reconcile when their truck breaks down on a deserted, barren road. At first, their “altercation” is verbal, with the two old friends picking apart each other’s life decisions. Soon, as you can tell in the below trailer, things get violent and bloody.

Scenic Route played this year’s South By Southwest film festival. Eric and I were there, and I don’t think we heard much about it. Maybe it’s great? We’ll know for sure later this summer. Here’s the trailer. Judge for yourself!

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