Julia Stiles And Taye Diggs Join Off-Broadway Adaptation Between Us

You think being the co-founder of the Slamdance Film Festival helps on the publicity end of things or hurts because of its competition with Sundance? I'd imagine if nothing else it increases exposure for Dan Mirvish's films, but ultimately, they must sink or swim on their own artistic merits. Good thing for him great actors are often buoyant. They're floating nicely in preparation for the director's newest, an adaptation of a well-received off-Broadway play called Between Us. Both Julia Stiles and Taye Diggs have recently boarded, joining the already cast Melissa George and David Harbour.

Between Us is the story of two long-acquainted couples who forked in different directions early on. They still hang out on occasion, but the meetings only illustrate how much they've grown apart. Through animosity, regret and even confusion, they view each other's lives as representations of what they could have had.

According to Deadline, Between Us will begin shooting next month. As it's based off of a play, all four principal cast members should get the vast majority of screen time, meaning each character should easily develop into a fully-finished product. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad. It'll all depend on how much the audience is able to relate.

Mack Rawden
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