Jump Around Takes Double Dutch To A Whole New Level

With the sustained popularity of sports related movies, Hollywood is starting to wear out their welcome with the mass amounts of foot and basketball movies already on the shelves. So how are filmmakers going to refresh the genre and bring something new to the table? Find a new sport of course! Since the ultimately boring sport of ping pong has been spoofed to death, Wind Dancer Productions is going even more underground with Jump Around, bringing the seedy world of double dutch jump roping to the big screen.

Just hired to rework the script is Duane Adler, whose efforts at the pen and paper always seem to have underprivileged high schoolers doing some sort of dancing to overcome adversity. Such will be the case with Jump Around which follows a group of high school kids who bring their newly formed double dutch team to the international competition. According to THR, double dutch is officially a varsity sport as some schools in New York, who presumably don't have a basketball court or football field.

Depending on the success of Jump Around we may see some more obscure sports coming to the mainstream via cinema. Keep an eye out for Kings of Curling scheduled tentatively for release in 2011. In anticipation of the film, Wind Dancer released the soundtrack over a year in advance, which you can listen to below.