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Jurassic World Just Gave Us The Best Look At Its New Dinosaur, And It's Terrifying

For months, this summer’s franchise revival Jurassic World has been touting the grandiosity of its upgraded assortment of colossal carnivorous killers. However, when it comes to the main attraction, the Indominus Rex, footage has been scarce. However, it seems that an example of the film’s automotive product placement has yielded the best look yet at the beast’s grotesque grimace.

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Yes, thanks to some conceptual viral marketing from Mercedes-Benz, an image has been revealed touting the conceit that one of their vehicles can stand up to the enormous embodiment of annihilation that is the Indominus Rex. In fact, the beast's head alone is bigger than the entire car. However, from that image, we have been given our first substantive glimpse of the stratospheric monstrosity’s fearsome face. This image now supplements what we’ve already gotten of the beast from half-second trailer clips, teaser images and a photo of a toy.

If you haven’t been following the build-up to Jurassic World, the footage, for all its focus on the technological advances of the island theme park’s genetically-generated attractions, consistently herald the threat that Indominus Rex represents. In a desperate attempt to surge park attendance, the creature is the culmination of those advances: an unstoppable apex predator made to tower over the T. Rex. Essentially the Khan Noonien Singh of dinosaur clones, I. Rex is a physically superior specimen whose magnitude in size is also further enhanced by her (yes, "her") honed hunting instincts and arms and claws long enough to slash and grab prey.

To risk further revisiting the Star Trek reference well, it appears that Indominus Rex will be looking to make Red Shirts out of the trained velociraptor brigade that Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady will lead in hunting down the towering toothy terror. The film will take place on Isla Island, the very same piece of isolated real estate in which the 1993 original film was set. Of course, the events of that film resulted from a jailbreak from the park’s various attractions due to a security lapse occurring after a bit of corporate espionage going awry. This time, however, it seems that the hubris of the scientific team, including a returning Dr. Henry Wu (B.D. Wong) from the first film, will see their ultimate creation not only go off the reservation, but destroy it, eat it, and deposit the remnants in a neatly curled pile.

The film certainly stands as a moment that fans of the tremendously popular film franchise have awaited since 2001’s Jurassic Park III. However, for the relatively nascent directorial career of its helmer, Colin Trevorrow, the film marks a tremendous status upgrade. Serving only as his second feature film, the Safety Not Guaranteed director jumps directly into the deep end of the big-budget blockbuster pool and the vaunting visage of Indominus Rex is a clear look at the real star of the movie.

Jurassic World hits theaters in IMAX 3D, Digital 3D and the less-expensive NOT-3D on June 12.