New Jurassic World Footage Gives Us Best Look Yet At Terrifying Dino Threat

Jurassic World is preparing to unveil its new genetically enhance dinosaur in theaters starting June 12, but so far the "clever girl" has been rather shy. We’ve seen the Indominus Rex in toy form, but in terms of any live-action appearance, it’s been leaving us wanting. Now a new Jurassic World TV spot has dropped online, revealing our best look yet at the new threat terrorizing Isla Nublar. 


According to, the beast’s name means "untamable," which is the problem that arises in this new footage. It’s difficult to keep a creature like this locked up for so long, given its immense strength, speed and intelligence. Although, its intelligence is more like psychotic, serial killer behavior. Once Indominus breaks free from the chains that bind it, the dino roams the park, killing for sport.

Jurassic World pegs Indominus as the most fearsome beast to ever roam the park, and the film is holding the full, live-action reveal close to the vest. Although we do see first its eye peeping out from behind some bushes. Hopefully there’s no one silly enough to creep up on Indominus with a rifle, like Bob Peck’s character did with the raptors in the first film. That didn’t really work out too well for him. 

Jurassic World Gif 1

Aside from that, we get a look at Indominus’ gaping mouth. The film’s site states that its roar can get as loud as a 747 craft taking off and landing. We knew it had a big mouth, but that looks like 100-degree angle.

Jurassic World GIF 2

Chris Pratt is going to have a hard time tracking this one down. His character, Owen, is a raptor researcher working at the park. He’s already learned how to jump inside a raptor cage without having them tear him to pieces, but Indominus is quite another thing all together. How will he take it down? With his raptor army, of course! Beth (Bryce Dallas Howard), who seems to be his employer and park-runner, had her team of scientists genetically create the one dinosaur that the park didn’t have. The park needed that one terrifying beast that would draw and excite even more patrons in a world where a zoo full of living dinosaurs has become commonplace. B.D. Wong’s Henry Wu is back, so you know he’s cooked up something rather menacing, even borderline sadistic.