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Those of you who've been watching the first trailer for Jurassic World on an endless loop ever since it was released at the end of November have just a few weeks to wait until you’re able to view new footage for the film. That’s because it has now been announced that the next trailer for Jurassic World will premiere during the Super Bowl next month.

According to ABC News, a Jurassic World trailer will debut at some point in the 49th Super Bowl, which is being held in Arizona on February 1. The 30-second commercial for Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming fourth installment to the franchise will cost Universal Pictures roughly $4.5 million, which reportedly is up approximately 12.5 percent from last year. We’re not too sure what other upcoming movie releases will have trailers air during the Super Bowl, but when you consider the fact that the viewing attendance for the sporting event is often around 110 million just in the United States, you can expect the likes of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Ant-Man, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Terminator: Genisys to join in the fun and premiere clips too.

Jurassic World’s first trailer, while met with a mixed response, was still packed to the brim with tantalizing looks at the film’s cavalcade of dinosaurs. Most intriguingly of all was the first glimpse at the Mosasaurus, which was previously described in a released Jurassic World pamphlet as the dino of the deep.


However it also showed the world just how preposterously awesome Chris Pratt will be as Owen, the main character in Jurassic World, who will have to go toe to toe with the rampaging beasts once the theme park’s security goes caput. Admit it, you couldn’t help but be impressed by the image of Owen driving through Jurassic World as he is hounded by Velociraptors.

Jurassic World is expected to be one of the summer’s highest grossing films. It will be released on June 12, and it doesn’t actually have any cinematic competition on its opening weekend to contend with. Which means that pretty much every moviegoer in North America who was scared witless by Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic, Jurassic Park, its heavily maligned follow-up or Joe Johnston’s oft-lambasted but still hugely enjoyable 2001 threequel, will flock to see the blockbuster that week. Fingers crossed it will be able to match the legacy of Steven Spielberg’s original. But even if it doesn’t at least we will get to hear John Williams’ mesmeric score once again. And that’s worth the entrance fee alone.