A Jurassic World Sequel? Here's What The Young Cast Said

With Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World set to rake in a large haul this weekend, the talk is already starting to mount about the almost-eventual sequel. Of course, with Trevorrow not pursuing the director’s chair, we're wondering who else might sit the next one out. In the case of Nick Robinson, he’s ready to come back for another round of Jurassic World shenanigans, but says it won't happen soon.

In my recent interview with Robinson, I asked the young actor if he had heard anything about the possible sequel. More specifically, I had asked him if he’d be willing to come back one day if it were announced. He answered:

Ultimately I would be thrilled if they wanted to make another, although I don’t see that happening anytime soon."

Without getting into spoilers, we wonder if Nick Robinson's character, Zach, is necessary for a JW sequel. Thinking back to the previous history of the Jurassic Park franchise, both in its book and film incarnations, each installment only had a couple returning characters from the previous installments without making a huge deal over it. If any characters seemed destined to return, it likely would be those played by either Chris Pratt or Bryce Dallas Howard. Or the ageless BD Wong.

Robinson seems ready to jump in to a potential Jurassic World sequel, yet his enthusiasm pales in comparison to his young co-star, Ty Simpkins, who gave the following answer to the same question:

I would be willing to do 50,000 more Jurassic Parks, but no one has talked to me about Jurassic World 2. But yes, as I said, I would be very open to doing it."

Both actors are in a good point in their careers, where the projected success of Jurassic World could catapult them to even greater heights. With the offers that will probably start pouring in, both actors schedules might be a little too busy to take another stroll in the park. Which speaks to the second possible interpretation of Nick Robinson’s previous statement: Universal might not have immediate plans for a Jurassic World follow up.

This isn’t as big of a stretch as it may seem, considering Jurassic Park III also seemed like a sure-fire success up until the point that it wasn’t. Perhaps the studio and executive producer Steven Spielberg are focused on trying to win over the trust of the fans once more before jumping back into the world of dinosaurs-and-man thrown into the mix together. Even the slight possibility that Jurassic World could be a bomb might have the bookkeepers at Universal and Legendary holding off on any green lighting and budget planning for a sequel. All planning talks aside, it’s good to know that Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins are ready to bring their A-game yet again after all of the hard work they’ve done on Jurassic World. It’s a franchise that if you’re good to it, it’s exceedingly good to you.

Jurassic World opens today, so be sure to stick around here on CinemaBlend for more of our coverage designed to help you enjoy your return trip to the infamous island.

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