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Jurassic World's Trailer May Involve Great White Sharks, And All Of This

Much like the rumored new creation in Jurassic World's menagerie, any footage from the film itself has been mostly unseen. Not even this summer's San Diego Comic Con showed any trace of footage from the Chris Pratt-starring film, and all we've really seen is clues and images that director Colin Trevorrow has given the public. Naturally, a film of this importance would be extremely secretive, but until now we've had no idea what our first look at the long awaited sequel would look like.

That's apparently not the case now as fan site Jurassic has revealed that a fan has counted themselves as one of the lucky few that have seen the first trailer to Jurassic World. YouTube user Ivan Flores apparently lucked his way into a test screening of June 2015 movie trailers, and chose the rough cut of the Jurassic World trailer. While the trailer might be in its beginning phases, it already teases the things we know Jurassic Park loves to deliver: eager tourists, deadly (and amphibious) creatures, and Raptors. Except this time, the Raptors are on our side! The report also includes descriptions of Great White sharks being fed to dinosaurs, the mosquito encased in amber, and Chris Pratt (pictured above) suiting up for action.

This isn't as far-fetched of a story as you'd think. This story syncs up with the usual process of using focus groups to change the trailer to a major motion picture. It also helps fuel an earlier rumor that the Jurassic World trailer would be attached to Interstellar showings next month. (Legendary Pictures is a producing partner on Interstellar as well as Jurassic World.) Also, the descriptions of locations and people don't sound very far off from what we've seen in the past. Particularly, the description of boat loads of tourists coming into the park's dock match up with what we've seen from The Today Show's exclusive look at the shooting of Jurassic World.

The most interesting part of Ivan Flores' description of the trailer though, is the fact that this sounds like it's the focus group testing for the full trailer that will be showed to audiences sometime next year. There's also a scene that was apparently revealed to Flores and his focus group that isn't public knowledge just yet (and which we'll avoid discussing for fear of blowing a major spoiler). While Jurassic World is finished, that still doesn't mean that this trailer is 100% real. Even Flores himself seemed a little on the fence with his positive reaction.

Still, this Jurassic World rumor exists in such a Goldilocks zone of possible truth that it's too tantalizing not to report. If this turns out to be correct, it's only a matter of time before the teaser trailer is officially announced to be showing with Interstellar, which means that the very trailer Ivan Flores viewed a couple days ago could be on its way to being polished and primped for a grand unveiling next year.

Jurassic World stomps into life on June 12, 2015; while Interstellar might show us our true first glimpse at said life on November 5th.

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