Karma Keeps Sharon Stone From Being A Mermaid

Sharon Stone probably wishes she’d just stayed quiet. When asked at Cannes what she thought of the recent, tragic earthquakes in China and the tremendous loss of life there, Sharon Stone responded with: “Is that karma?”. The outrage was instantaneous, with Chinese citizens flooding the internet quite literally screaming for her execution. I’m not kidding about that, just check out some of the really insane comments left on our report of her troubles here.

Though she’s since apologized for her comments, there will be consequences for Stone’s career. I know, I’m shocked that she still has one too. But apparently she was slated to work on a movie called Mermaid Island and now, not so much. China.org reports that producers decided they didn’t want her, specifically because of her boneheaded “karma” comment.

The movie is some sort of underwater action movie, a joint production between China and the USA. It would have re-teamed Sharon Stone with her Catwoman director Pitof. I’d say we all dodged a pretty big bullet here. The involvement of Chinese investors probably helps explain why she was dropped so quickly, but with the importance of Asian markets now it’s likely she’ll have trouble getting work even with solely American productions, at least until this whole mess cools down.

The news of her de-fishification comes hot on the heels of news that China’s largest theater chain is planning to ban her movies, and word that she’s lost her advertising deal with Christian Dior. Even fellow celebrities are out to get her. Chinese movie stars like Sammo Hung and Zhang Ziyi have come out and promised to boycott anything and everything she’s involved in.

I still think the whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. She’s Sharon Stone, isn’t she supposed to say things that are stupid? And who cares? Again, she’s Sharon Stone? And while I can understand the anger of a nation which has just undergone a horrific tragedy, what’s most disheartening about all of this that a lot of the Chinese people who have been visiting our site and others to leave their thoughts on this whole debacle, have somehow turned this into an excuse to hate America as a whole, as if somehow we all put her up to it. Trust me China, we don’t like her anymore than you do. In our case, it’s not because she’s an idiot, but because she’s irrelevant except as a purveyor of truly awful movies which no one here even bothers to see. Sharon Stone doesn’t represent America, she doesn’t even represent Hollywood, and Sharon Stone really isn’t worth your time to hate.

Josh Tyler