Is Katee Sackhoff Getting Closer To Joining Marvel?

With all this recent chatter about introducing more female superheroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many comic book movie fans have found themselves repeating one name: Katee Sackhoff. The actress has a large sci-fi fanhood following thanks to her time playing Starbuck on the reimagined version of Battlestar Galactica, and many of those same people want to see her take on more big genre pictures - making Marvel a natural fit. Of course, it's all dreams and speculation until news comes down officially from Marvel, but at the very least Sackhoff does seem to be sticking close to the Marvel family.

Earlier today, the actress posted an update for her fans on her Twitter page and revealed that she will soon be meeting up with one of the most important people in Marvel Comics history:

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Before all of your minds start racing to think of every female Marvel character who has ever worn red leather, be sure to remember that this probably doesn't mean much. For starters, this isn't even close to the first time that Katee Sackhoff and Stan Lee have crossed paths, as evidenced by this photo taken at the ABQ Comic Expo two years ago:

Rather than Sackhoff preparing to play a Marvel Comics character by meeting the man who created hundreds of them, this is probably something completely unrelated, and perhaps has to do with one of the podcasts that Stan Lee appears on (he doesn't have too much to do with the day-to-day at Marvel nowadays anyway).

At the same time, this is hardly the first time that "Katee Sackhoff" and "Marvel" have been mentioned in the same breath. Last September the actress mentioned that she had previously taken meetings with the company, but was unable to spill any real details regarding what they talked about. What's more, The Avengers: Age of Ultron's Joss Whedon had an interesting thing to say about her when the new female Thor was announced earlier this month:

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Would you like to see Katee Sackhoff get her chance to play a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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