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Love him or hate him, Harvey Weinstein is a master at marketing and media manipulation. And his latest move to drum up buzz to The Weinstein Company's in-development Paul Potts biopic is downright inspired. The movie impresario has told The New York Post that he's looking to bring some major star power to the rags-to-riches tale, insisting he's looking to cast either Katy Perry or Grammy golden girl Adele to play Potts' wife, adding, "Katy seemed genuinely interested."

For those who didn't follow Britain's Got Talent's 2007 season, Paul Potts was a cell phone salesman, ardent opera fan and amateur singer whose tour de force performances on the televised talent show not only won him BGT's grand prize, but also launched his professional singing career. However, few details on the proposed biopic have surfaced. Could this be the same project Paramount walked away from that had Marley & Me director David Frankel attached to direct? It's difficult to say, as there's no mention of Frankel in the news item. However, what's most intriguing about this item is not so much Weinstein's interest in two of the biggest pop stars in the world, but what this says about the Potts picture. Namely, it seems to be a musical.

Why else namedrop Perry and Adele, whose only common ground casting-wise is their singing skills? Despite Perry's guest spots on television and voicing Smurfette in The Smurfs, she's made no real headway as an actress, and Adele has made none whatsoever. So it's doubtful they'd be cast for their acting abilities. Therefore, it seems Weinstein may be looking to pepper his opera music-centric biopic with some more accessible song stylings, and who better to choose than Perry or Adele? Of course, if I had my choice I'd go with Adele, even without acting experience to her credit. Beyond her incredible vocals, her persona better seems to suit this story of integrity and determination. However, I doubt Weinstein expects either songstress to sign on, this is probably a wish list meant to draw buzz while he looks for a more likely/attainable cast. Still, we can dream.

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