The word is out: Godzilla is awesome. This was something I was lucky enough to discover two weekends ago, just ahead of the film's junket. A few short hours after penning my five-stars review of the film, I had the opportunity to geek out about it with two of Godzilla's stars, English dreamboat Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Japanese icon Ken Watanabe.

We teased a bit of these interviews last week, so Godzilla's co-stars could respond to the fat shaming that has been spurred by the iconic movie monster's latest makeover. Now, we offer five other fascinating revelations learned from Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ken Watanabe about the monster, the movie, and working with director Gareth Edwards.

WARNING: Some spoilers for Godzilla lie ahead.

Ken Watanabe Was Sold By Gareth Edwards' Extensive Pre-Vis
Making the leap from the low-budgeted Monsters to the tent pole Godzilla, helmer Gareth Edwards prepared for production by creating a complete pre-visualization of the entire film with the help of his director of photography Seamus McGarvey and his editor Bob Ducsay. This helped them map out cuts, visual effects, and even plans for the 3D conversion. It also gave Edwards a great way to sell his plan for the revamped Japanese monster to Ken Watanabe.

Watanabe has an ardent affection for Godzilla, repeatedly impersonating the monster and his signature roar throughout our interview (which you can hear above). His fascination with Edwards' movie began when the two of them sat down, and the director eagerly unfolded 20-minutes of pre-viz action sequences. To secure Watanabe, whose character plays a major role in Godzilla, Edwards showed him animated boards of several of the film's major monster attacks, including one that takes place on an elevated train line, one in an airport, some urban destruction, and a scene involving a massive monster making a snack of a nuclear submarine.

Watanabe summed up his reaction to all this with one word: "Wow."

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