Kentucky Police Department Issues Arrest Warrant For Frozen’s Elsa Because It's Too Damn Cold

The east coast of the United States is currently being hit by some extreme harsh conditions, as winter is coming down hard on the region. It's been so hard, in fact, that a Kentucky Police Department has decided to stop the weather at its presumed source: Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

In a playful bit of winter humor, the Harlan City Police Department has used their Facebook account to post an announcement declaring that everyone in the area should be on the look out for the star of Frozen, and that she must be stopped so that the icy conditions will cease. You can read the funny message below:

Post by Harlan City Police Department.

Looking at winter reports for Harlan, Kentucky, it's not too hard to see why they are just a bit upset. While it's currently 35 degrees in the area at the time that I'm writing this, their five-day forecast says that the temperature in the next few days is expected to drop as low as nine degrees. This isn't as bad as, say, Minnesota, where the thermometer will drop well below zero, but it's still pretty rough for a coastal state. I can imagine that there are many places in the city that really don't look too unlike Arendelle did in Frozen (minus the castles, of course).


I can definitely understand why Harlan may try to blame Queen Elsa for the crime of harsh winter that has befallen Harlan, as her abilities are certainly powerful and not always used with restraint... but I also wonder if they may not be pointing the finger are the wrong movie character. After all, Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow this year, promising six more weeks of winter. Maybe they can't nab him because of jurisdictional boundaries:

Groundhog Day

Regardless of which fictional character is responsible for the rough winter on the east coast, we hope that all of you are staying warm!

Eric Eisenberg
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