Kevin Michael Connolly Memoir Double Take Coming To The Big Screen

For seven seasons, House, M.D. producer Katie Jacobs has matched wits with one of the most difficult curmudgeons in primetime television history in Dr. Gregory House, played by the impeccable Hugh Laurie. Now Jacobs is turning her attentions from medical mysteries to a medical miracle, and the reactions one man’s physical limitations create in those around them.

Jacobs plans to adapt and direct Kevin Michael Connolly's memoir Double Take into a feature film, Deadline reports. For those who don’t know, Connolly is a professional photographer and X Games medalist who was born without legs. But his condition never slowed him down, as Connolly eventually learned to wrestle, skateboard and ski – which is the event that earned him a silver medal at the X Games.

But Connolly’s passion remains photography, and his novel, Double Take, is a unique collection of pictures of people who are reacting to the site of Connolly. On his own site, the photographer runs his own blog and posted a trailer for his book. We have it below:

The great John Sayles actually is adapting Connolly’s 2009 book for Jacobs to direct, which is fantastic news for fans of his character-driven pieces (see Sunshine State, Lone Star and the outstanding Eight Men Out for samples of his writing prowess). And if we could make any suggestion for Jacobs, it’s this: ask Connolly to play himself. As the clip shows, he’s charismatic enough to hold the camera’s interests. And who better to tell the man’s amazing story than the man, himself?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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