Kevin Smith's Daughter Had The Legal Power To Kick Him Off His Latest Comedy

As kids, we always dream that there will come a day when we can tell the adult figures in our lives what to do. Privacy, power, and sweets would all be laid out in front of us without any sort of barrier or filter. Nine times out of ten, it never happens, and we just end up waiting until we're adults to have our say in the things our parents used to govern over us. But in the case of Harley Quinn Smith, she's living the dream as her work on her father Kevin's latest film, Yoga Hosers, has given her a particularly interesting power over daddy dearest.

TMZ discovered that in Harley Quinn Smith's contract for participation in Yoga Hosers, she had the right to reject her father as the director of the film. Of course, being the shrewd filmmaker that he is, Kevin Smith also had the right to reject his daughter's participation in the film, putting the two of them on even footing. Also noted was the fact that Harley Quinn Smith isn't being pampered like daddy's little girl when it comes to her salary for the film, as she's making standard wages for a member of SAG.

What's interesting about these contract details is what they say about the relationship between Smith and his daughter. If anyone knows the ins, outs, and excesses of the business; it's surely Kevin Smith. The fact that he's encouraging his daughter's possible career as an actor is pretty awesome, but could go awry without the right type of guidance. These matching contract clauses show that Smith not only respects his daughter as a professional, but that he doesn't want the business to go to her head too much.

As to whether Harley Quinn Smith will be acting again with her father or not, it seems like a sure thing. With the "True North" trilogy only one installment from completion with Moose Jaws, and the fact that she was already in Tusk and didn't have any problems coming back for Yoga Hosers, there's clearly a rapport that's working its magic between the two. Either that, or there's a contractual obligation that TMZ failed to report on during their coverage.

Show business families are usually breeding grounds rife with tension and angst, at least that's how they were in old Hollywood. Thankfully, this looks like the beginning of a new Hollywood family paradigm, one created by a man who helped redefine independent Hollywood itself. Though considering that Yoga Hosers had familial rejection clauses in the contracts for both Kevin and Harley Quinn smith, one has to wonder... do Johnny Depp and daughter Lily Rose Depp have the same sort of arrangement?

Tusk is now available on Blu Ray, DVD, and Digital HD; while Yoga Hosers is looking to be released on June 1, 2015.

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