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In 1994, Jan de Bont’s action-on-crack thriller Speed usurped Die Hard as the inspiration for the “Movie Title in a situation” method of crafting film storylines. What was Speed 2: Cruise Control? Speed on a boat. What is Eugenio Mira’s upcoming thriller Grand Piano? Speed on a piano bench, or something. And though this is a recent example of the trend, I think the torch has officially been passed, as Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow’s next project is the action thriller Go Fast, according to Deadline, which essentially calls it Fast & Furious, but with boats. Amazing.

Sony is acquiring the treatment specifically for Wadlow, with Broken Road’s Todd Garner producing. Go Fast - easily the most on-the-nose title since Shoot ‘Em Up - will be written by Rich Wilkes, who also connects to the F&F universe by having written the Vin Diesel film action flick XXX. He also wrote 1994’s Airheads, but I’m guessing that will be the less obvious of these two past jobs where Go Fast’s plot is concerned.

The film’s title reportedly refers to the speedy boats DEA agents use when to catch water-bound smugglers. And how Deadline actually puts it is, “What The Fast and the Furious did with cars, the film intends to do for these lightning-fast crafts.” So does this mean it’s a film about underground DEA racing gangs? Or, more realistically, are they trying to establish a franchise where boats are the main draw? I expect by the third film, shark attacks become a plot point. I’m calling it now.

This is a pretty huge week for Wadlow, who was just days ago awarded the directing job for the newly announced X-Force from 20th Century Fox. As a character cross-stitching spinoff, X-Force isn’t going to kick into gear until the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men movies are out and in the public eye. X-Force isn’t expected to come out until 2016, so that leaves Wadlow more than enough time for Go Fast and maybe even another low-budget film. We’ll need to wait and see how solid Kick-Ass 2 is to really judge his action direction capabilities.

While he hasn’t had a produced script in a while, Wilkes has a slew of projects that might be in the works, including his own Marvel Comics adaptation , Iron Fist, the heist action flick Straight Edge, the Sam Kinison HBO biopic Brother Sam, and the Motley Crüe biopic The Dirt.

If you want to find out more about Kick-Ass 2, the film will be making a bloody splash this Friday at Comic-Con, and hits theaters on August 16. Check the trailer below.

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