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Kristin Lehman Joins Colin Firth In Arthur Newman, Golf Pro

One of the characters that was high on my list of suspects among those who may have had a hand in the murder of teen Rosie Larson in AMC’s The Killing was Kristin Lehman’s character Gwen Eaton. Whether or not that theory holds up through the later episodes of the first season of the mystery series, I couldn’t say, as I fell behind and have yet to get caught up on the show. From the sound of the new role Lehman’s character is playing in the upcoming film Arthur Newman, Golf Pro, it’s doubtful she’ll be a murder suspect at any point, but there is death involved... sort of.

Arthur Newman, Golf Pro is a dark comedy that stars Colin Firth as Wallace Avery, an unhappy man who fakes his own death to escape his job and his family, and creates a new identify for himself. His do-over involves meeting a woman, played by Emily Blunt, who has her own problems. The two team up and find a future for themselves breaking into vacant homes and pretending to be the absent owners. It sounds a little like FX’s short-lived series The Riches in that respect.

According to Variety, Kristin Lehman has been cast to play Wallace Avery’s ex-wife. Given what the site says about Avery’s family despising him, it’s unlikely that she’ll be posing as the grieving widow in the movie. In fact, Variety’s description mentions that she’s living with her son and her new husband, so apparently, moving on when her husband (fake)died wasn’t a problem.

Production on Arthur Newman begins this month in North Carolina.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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