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Latest Divergent Movie Photos Show Tony Goldwyn, Maggie Q And Others

We've certainly seen a lot of great photo teases for Divergent this week. And after a handful of new glimpses of Shailene Woodley's character Tris Prior and Theo James' Four, we now have a better look at some of the other characters from the feature adaptation of Veronica Roth's young adult dystopian novel Divergent.

The story is set in the future, where the city of Chicago is divided into five factions, which determine a person's way of life. Woodley plays Tris, a teen who learns she's Divergent and will never truly fit into any one faction. Tris harbors this secret as she chooses her faction and begins her training.

Among the latest photos shared by Entertainment Weekly, is this one, which shows Maggie Q's Tori hooking Tris into a chair.

Maggie Q Divergent

Two non-spoilery things about Maggie Q's character that we can reveal, which should shed some light on this photo, is that she's a tattoo artist, and she also administers the test that helps teens figure out which faction they're best suited for. It seems more likely that the latter is taking place, as I don't see any tattoo needles nearby, and Tris' shirt is gray and kind of plain, which suggests Abnegation attire. Abnegation is her family's faction. They're known for being selfless... and wearing really plain clothing.

Everyone's wearing gray in the picture below, but the vests Tris, Christina (Zoe Kravitz) and Will (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) are wearing look pretty tough - possibly meant for training…

Christina and Will Divergent

Christina and Will look like they've been through the wringer.

Also looking a bit worse for wear is Tony Goldwyn in this shot of Andrew Prior…

Tony Goldwyn Divergent

Those of us used to seeing him looking perfectly groomed and tailored in ABC's Scandal will probably notice the contrast a bit more here than others. Sure, there are a few hairs out of place on this version of Goldwyn, and he looks kind of exhausted, but Abnegation people don't spend much time in front of the mirror, so it's hard to guess what's going on here.

Looking a bit more groomed, tattooed, and ready for some action are Jai Courtney and Theo James, shown here with the film's director Neil Burger.

Jai Courtney Divergent

Courtney played Spartacus' closest friend, Varro, in the Starz drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand, but don't expect him to be Four's righthand man in this movie. Assuming the adaptation sticks close to the book, Courtney's character Eric, a Dauntless leader, isn't the friendliest guy.

EW also has a shot of Tris looking like she's ready to attack Christian Madsen's character Al. Check that one out here.

And just to recap, since there have been quite a few great Divergent updates this week, there were some great photos of Tris and Four together, and one of the two of them by the ferris wheel, not to mention the tough shot of the two characters on EW's cover. And earlier this week, we learned that Veronica Roth was set to write four e-shorts (short ebooks) from Four's perspective, which should help us get to know his character a bit better. The first one comes out this fall. More on that here.

Here's a look at EW's photo shoot video, which includes Woodley talking about the choice to cast Theo James as Four. Apparently, it was a testosterone thing.

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