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If you want to start your own Star Wars rumor, now is the time. With nothing officially confirmed about the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII beyond the director and writer, there's a limitless universe full of story options, and any rumor can be treated as fact because, hey, who knows what might happen. And fresh off some specious talk that Emperor Palpatine might appear in Episode VII comes a new rumor of a familiar face who might bring back The Force.

According to Latino Review and their "three sources close to the project," Ewan McGregor is also planning a return to the galaxy far, far away, bringing back Obi Wan Kenobi as a "Force Ghost" (which is the same way they say Emperor Palpatine will return). It's unclear why Latino Review's sources are apparently on the Force Ghost beat, or why Obi Wan would appear as his younger self, when in fact when he died he looked strikingly like Sir Alec Guinness. And for evidence that McGregor would be up to play the role, Latino Review points to an on-camera interview McGregor did for The Impossible, in which he was asked if he would return for Episode VII if asked. McGregor's answer is predictable if you've ever seen an actor get ambushed about some franchise or another: noncommittal, vaguely positive, carefully worded so as not to piss off fans, producers, or anyone in-between:

So what hard proof do we have? None. And it's been like that for every Star Wars rumor we've fielded since the project was announced last fall, from the Ryan Gosling casting news to talk of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill reprising their roles. It's all talk, as notoriously secretive director J.J. Abrams preps the project to shoot in England early next year and keeps the lid on his "mystery box" to the point that there were booing fans at Disney's D23 convention last weekend. Ewan McGregor's potential return isn't exactly the kind of news fans have been salivating for all these years… but hey, it would be a start. At this point if Abrams and company would even confirm a title it would be progress.

Let us know what you think of all this "Force Ghost" business in the comments, and if you want to use that space to start your own Star Wars rumor, go for it. It's a free for all these days!

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