This Letter Chris Evans Sent Casting Directors Proves He Was Destined To Be A Star

When you look at Chris Evans these days, you can't help but think the man is a perfect fit as Captain America. A strong presence that knows his job well, and serves as an example to us all, his work ethic is only matched by his talents. But, of course, Evans was once a young upstart who was finding his way, much like Steve Rogers before Dr. Erskine's Vita-Ray treatment turned him into a beast. And now, we've got some proof of what Evans' upstart years were like, as he's shared the following letter from his junior year of high school, in which he pitches himself to casting agencies as an eager intern. You can read that letter below.

This post comes from Chris Evans' Twitter account, and already after reading that text, you could see he had the drive to succeed in him. Not only was he taking the summer of 1998 as the opportunity to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute, but he was pushing for what most other wanna-be actors overlook: experience in the more business oriented side of the picture. It's a drive that makes more than a little sense, as after he's spent a good two decades in the business, he's started to branch out into other fields such as directing. It all goes to show that even when pursuing something like an acting career, Evans doesn't fool around.

While reading that letter above proves that Chris Evans was always going to be a big star in the business we call show, it also indirectly proves how good of a pick he was to play the role of one of Marvel's most iconic super heroes. Every time we re-read that letter, we're reminded that this is the man who has come from being the parody of the standard jock character in Not Another Teen Movie to a leading man in such films as Cellular and Fantastic Four, only to land on his current perch as the focal point of this summer's Captain America: Civil War. With some actors, that sort of trajectory comes from luck, and a good agent; and while we don't doubt Chris Evans has those factors working for him as well, he certainly hasn't been leaning on them exclusively to move his career in the right direction.

If anything, the content of the internship letter that Evans was making the rounds with shows us that he is, above anything else, a consummate professional with leadership abilities. So even after he eventually decides to hang up the shield and take the leap behind the camera, as he's previously discussed, that same Captain America spirit will be driving him behind the scenes. It's what's given Chris Evans the career most folks would dream of, and it's what's going to keep the rest of his story just as interesting as its humble beginnings.

Chris Evans can currently be seen in Captain America: Civil War, which is playing in theaters now.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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