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Guys, I've warned you in the past about the Hemsworth brothers. Chris and his younger brother Liam have been sneaking up on Hollywood for the past year now, both auditioning to play Thor (Chris got it), starring alongside Miley Cyrus (that would be Liam's duty) and generally threatening to be another Australian invasion on the scale of Sam Worthington-- except there's two of them!

And the takeover continues apace today, as THR announces that Liam Hemsworth will play the lead role in Arabian Nights, a 3D adventure about a young military commander who teams up with Aladdin and Sinbad to rescue Queen Scheherazade. It seems to be Inferno Entertainment's attempt at a blatant Prince of Persia knockoff, and they've also cast a white actor in a film set in the Middle East, so at least they're following the formula pretty directly.

Director Chuck Russell previously made the largely forgotten Rock vehicle The Scorpion King, and it seems that in general they're going for a slightly middlebrow action film here. If I'm guessing correctly, that means that Chris is edging ahead in the battle of the Hemsworths-- Thor seems to be a much larger production than this will be. But I wouldn't count Liam out; those Australians are wily.

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