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Director James Wan has previously terrorized audiences with the sickening serial killer thriller Saw and the creepy haunted house horror story Insidious. Next up he offers The Conjuring, an unconventional biopic that chronicles one of the ghastly cases investigated by professional ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga star as the famous Warrens, but it's co-star Lili Taylor, playing a mother plagued by a playful but perturbing poltergeist, who is at the center of the film's newly unveiled trailer. Check it out below, or in hi-res over at Apple:

At the film's New York Comic Con panel last fall, Wan and company were eager to share with the assembled horror fans—myself included—The Conjuring's then current trailer. Funny enough, this isn't it. What we were shown was more frantic, peppered with jump scares, and creepy images that burst forth for attention. (You can read my recounting of it here.) But it seems like the producers took a cue from the crowd, and turned an abridged clip that had many of us in hysterics into the film's first released trailer. It’s a great move.

Though it's been months since I've seen this footage, I got chills as soon as I realized what I was seeing…again. It was acutally even more frightening the second time. Knowing what was coming I had to will myself not to look away. I've seen little more of what Wan has in store with The Conjuring, but I'm sold with this trailer alone. How about you?

The Conjuring is coming to theaters July 19th.

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