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Back in 2006, Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton charmed the pants off the entire world with their little indie film Little Miss Sunshine. In addition to fan and critical praise, the movie went on to win two Oscars, one for Best Supporting Actor and the other for Best Original Screenplay. Then they disappeared. Though their names have been tossed around for other projects, it's been five years since Faris and Dayton wrote or directed a film. Now they're ready to make their comeback.

The LA Times is reporting that Faris and Dayton are set to direct He Loves Me, based on a script by Paul Dano (who had a breakout role in Little Miss Sunshine) and his girlfriend, Zoe Kazan. In the story, a novelist who reached success early in his career struggles with writers block and is given an exercise "to write the woman he thinks will love him." As a result of this, however, he ends up writing her into existence. Dano is also set to star.

The article likens the project to a mix of Weird Science and Adaptation. For those curious, that's definitely a movie I would watch, if not just to see a curly-haired Nic Cage wearing a bra on his head.

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