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Loki Finally Gets His Own Movie Thanks To A Fan

Tom Hiddleston's Loki isn't a titular lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, instead losing the spotlight to both Chris Hemsworth's Thor and the collective Avengers, but some fans don't seem to think that's really fair. Hence why we now have the "feature" below, which is a re-edited cut of Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World called Loki: Brother of Thor:

As you can tell by watching the movie - which clocks in at a little over two hours and 15 minutes - this is no mere cut, reassemble and paste job. Instead, Vimeo user Loki Odinson (opens in new tab) has actually done his best to create something close to what an actual Loki movie would look like. To do so, he collected footage not only from the aforementioned features, but also from bonus material available on the various Marvel Studios Blu-ray releases. Take, for example, the "visions" at the start of the movie that have Loki wielding Thor's hammer. That's actually from a screen test that Tom Hiddleston did when trying out for the first Thor movie (he originally auditioned to be the God of Thunder):

The first scene of dialogue between Loki and Thor is even just a deleted scene from the first Thor (which explains why the visual effects only look half done). It's not a perfect cut, but it's still a rather impressive project put together with skill using all materials available. In true Marvel tradition, it even has a special little post-credits tag:

Loki Thor

This Loki: Brother of Thor is kind of nice also if not just because it will help fans get through the tiny Loki drought that we are already in the middle of. While Loki solidified himself as a fan favorite playing the villain in Joss Whedon's The Avengers, he will not be back for The Avengers 2, as the titular team will instead be focusing all of their attention on battling the evil robotic Ultron (who is being brought to life by James Spader). The next time will see Loki is in the inevitable Thor 3, but we still don't know exactly when that movie is going to come out.

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