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A Look At Ashton Kutcher In Costume For Steve Jobs Biopic

If you're still having trouble picturing Ashton Kutcher playing the role of Apple creator and tech icon Steve Jobs, perhaps a look at the actor in costume will help fill out that mental picture. Some photos made their way online that give us a look at Kutcher dressed in the signature black turtleneck Jobs often wore.

Since learning last month that Kutcher is set to play Steve Jobs in the Joshua Michael Stern-directed biopic Jobs, we were left to question whether Kutcher was the right man for the job. I'm of the optimistic mindset that Kutcher is underrated as a dramatic actor, so my fingers are most certainly crossed that he proves me right. While that remains to be seen, what doesn't is how Kutcher will look dressed in a turtleneck and jeans, an outfit Jobs was known to favor.

TMZ posted a bunch of photos of Kutcher on his way to the set of the Steve Jobs biopic (tentatively titled Jobs: Get Inspired) in Los Angeles last week. Check out one of them below:

Just for some frame of reference, here's a photo of what Jobs looked like in his younger years.

While it seems like he may have preferred a shirt-and-tie look back then, the resemblance between Kutcher and Jobs in the face is certainly there, and the facial hair and grown out hairstyle adds to that. But the turtleneck is certainly a look we associate with Jobs over the years, so it adds a nice touch in giving us an idea of what Jobs' lead will look like.

He can look the part, but how will he do playing it?

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