MPAA Lies About Movie Piracy!

I have no love for the MPAA whatsoever. I hope you don't either. They are a devious, power-mad, totalitarian force for evil. If George W Bush was the evil dictator some like to claim him to be, then undoubtedly the MPAA would be the new answer to the Gestapo.

The Piracy Nazis have been lying in their quest to strong-arm foreign countries into adopting their short-sighted anti-piracy laws. But they have finally been caught. As with all liars they have lied so much that they've started to contradict themselves with their lies, exposing their guilt and bare-faced determination to do literally anything to force others into doing things their way.

The Movie Blog has been reporting recently about claims from the MPAA on how Canada is supposedly responsible for 70% of all world piracy. Yep, your friendly neighborhood Canadian supposedly accounts for 7 out of every 10 pirated movies. Well in a new report by the MPAA, they also claim that New York is responsible for 40% of world piracy. Four out of every ten pirated movies.

Now I don't know what school of math these guys went to, but I'm pretty sure you can't have 110% of anything, no matter what your old hardass gym class teacher might have said while you dangled helplessly on the monkey bars. Either that, or all the Canadian pirates have flown south for the summer to NYC. I hear it's cool to take in the sights in between recording movies.

When you consider other US cities and places like China, Malaysia, UK, the rest of Europe etc etc etc aren't even included in these statistics, you start to wonder just what the MPAA members smoke while watching movies? Is the western world in total responsible for 231 out of every 10 pirated DVDs???

But the lying ain't finished there. In what amounts to something close to an increasingly xenophobic anti-Candian stance that borders on fanatical and possibly racist, they are also lying about Canada's current anti-piracy laws. The MPAA now claims that it is legal and commonplace to allow camcorders in to movie theatres in the Great White North. As John Campea of The Movie Blog (an evil Canadian coincidentally) points out, during his screening of Spider-Man 3, there were rather large cinema screen sized warnings stating that taking a camcorder in to a movie theatre is an offense punishable by getting your equipment confiscated and a hefty fine. Identical to the procedure in the UK.

However, in the MPAA's borderline fascist eyes apparently anything other than life-imprisonment for taking a camcorder in to a theater is just far too lax. And they are prepared to outright lie to get that view enforced.

It seems Trey parker and Matt Stone were right: