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Internet rumors are funny things. They occur literally everyday, and sometimes they turn out to be true, and sometimes they don’t. This means that even the oddest rumors always seem to have that slight possibility that they could actually end up accurate. Unfortunately, as most turn out to be untrue, it means that often we are destined for heartbreak. This one of those times. It turns out Taylor Swift will not have a cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse as Dazzler. Yeah, we’re sad too.

Rumor (and fun) killing site Gossip Cop reports that the Taylor Swift cameo is "not true." This is just about the worst news we’ve heard all day. We never really believed that the rumor was true, there’s a reason we didn’t cover it, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t want it to be true. How ridiculously fun would that have been? Taylor Swift with mutant powers? Don’t pretend you didn’t want to see that.

The rumor started last week when X-Men: Apocalypse actress Sophie Turner tweeted a shot from the movie in which she and Tye Sheridan were in a record score (ah, the 80’s) and Cyclops uncovered a Dazzler album. In the tweet Turner references another, more current, popular album, Taylor Swift’s 1989.

So the connection between Dazzler and Taylor Swift had been made. Except that wasn’t all. Last year, a number of some of the cast and crew of X-Men Apocalypse, including Sophie Turner and producer Simon Kinberg, attended a Taylor Swift concert. What if the reason that a producer was there, was to talk to Taylor Swift about a cameo in the movie? There was no evidence that such a thing had happened, but there was no proof it hadn’t happened. A rumor is born.

Absolutely loved having @sophiet, Simon, James, and Nicholas at the show in Montreal last night-- X MEN APOCALYPSE!!

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Of course, one could have done some research and discovered that the album cover used in the X-Men: Apocalypse shot is an exact reproduction of one used in the comics, and that it doesn’t really look anything like Taylor Swift. Sure, they could have tried to make Swift look exactly like the album cover, but then that sort of defeats the purpose of having the biggest pop star in the world cameo in your movie.

So what’s your level of disappointment at this rumor being debunked? We would have loved to have seen it, and who knows, maybe the interest it generated could cause the real thing to materialize in a future X-Men project. We can only dream.

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