Marc Webb's Latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 Quotes Have Us Worried For Gwen Stacy

Size matters when it comes to our superhero blockbusters. Marvel Studios has mapped out multiple Phases as they build to their next Avengers sequel. Bryan Singer’s currently sharing 25 X-Men character images, proving he has an army of mutant heroes and villains in Days of Future Past. And Marc Webb’s still trying to tell fans that his Spider-Man universe is expanding as we prep for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, hitting theaters in May.

Perhaps inspired by the Grammy Awards Sunday night, Webb pulled out a series of musical terms when describing his upcoming Spidey sequel in an interview with Total Film. The director said:

"We throw around the term 'operatic' because of the spectacle and the theatre involved, which is pretty epic. There are enormous sets and great set pieces. But really it's a very intimate song – this relationship between Peter and Gwen is very delicate and beautiful."

Ah, the Peter-Gwen dynamic. As you no doubt remember, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) swore to the dying Capt. Stacy (Denis Leary) that he would spare Gwen (Emma Stone) from his crime-fighting life. But as we see in the full Spider-Man 2 trailer, Peter and Gwen are still canoodling, and it just might kill her. Watch the clip. We’ll analyze what we see right after.

The moment Webb first introduced Stacy in his new Spider-Man movies, true comic-book fans have been plotting her death. Nothing against Stone, who’s fantastic in the role, but when you introduce Peter’s doomed love interest – then bring the Green Goblin into the mix – we just know that Stacy isn’t long for this world.

Then there were a few quick images we caught in the recent Spider-Man trailers that show Gwen in the trademark green coat that suggest where she might perish. What do you think of these?

Gwen Stacy


Reminiscent of a certain bridge sequence from the vintage Spider-Man series, no? Stacy’s death can’t be considered a spoiler. It’s the THE seminal Gwen Stacy subplot. Will we see it in Webb’s May sequel? He places emphasis on the Peter-Gwen relationship, and isn’t afraid to kill off characters (as Uncle Ben and Capt. Stacy will attest). Stay tuned, Web heads.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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