Margot Robbie's Noir Thriller Terminal Is Putting Together An Incredible Cast

In her role as Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie is a bit of an unknown quantity to the other members of the Suicide Squad. With her spontaneous, unhinged nature, she could do anything at a moment's notice and change the dynamic of the group's mission just as quickly. Which is funny, because it looks like Robbie will be in a similar, albeit more grounded situation in her new film Terminal - and she's got some rather interesting co-stars that she'll be sharing the screen with.

Highland Film Group, the production shingle behind Terminal announced a lot of casting info, as well as the official synopsis of the film's plot. Before we die into the cast, and who they may be playing, let's run through the short, but crucial, synopsis to the film's plot. According to the press release, the following

Terminal tells the story of two hit-men, as they embark on a borderline suicide mission for a mysterious employer and a high paycheck. Along the way, the unlikely pair come across a dynamic woman named Annie, that may be more involved than they had originally suspected.

With that brief synopsis in hand, you can already start to identifu the slight similarities between Suicide Squad and Terminal, at least as far as Robbie's character goes. Comparison aside, now's the time to jump into the casting notices and speculate who's who. We'll start with the most obvious casting, as Margot Robbie is playing the role of that "dynamic woman named Annie." With her involvement in this unknown undertaking possibly amounting to more than any other character may have known, it's starting to sound a lot like the type of character she's played for Warner Bros as of late, as this description also sounds a lot like her character Jess, from Focus. So don't be surprised if some sort of ace is up her sleeve throughout this entire movie.


Max Irons

Playing one of the two hired thieves crazy enough to engage in the heist at the heart of Terminal, is Max Irons, who you may remember from such films as Red Riding Hood and The Host. Max, the son of acting legend Jeremy Irons, can next be seen in the film Bitter Harvest, and represents the younger half of the two hired professionals that will tangle with Margot Robbie's Annie.


Dexter Fletcher

Of course, if you're going to steal something near impossible to grab, you're going to need an experienced hand to help guide your way. Which is where Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels star Dexter Fletcher comes in handy. Playing the other thief hired to match wits with Annie, or whomever else crosses his path, Fletcher was also seen playing roles in such projects as Muppets Most Wanted, Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers, and Kick-Ass.


Simon Pegg

Here's where the casting announcements start to get interesting, as Simon Pegg has been announced as joining the Terminal team in an unspecified role. Undoubtedly though, Pegg's casting will be for a part that's major enough to recognize the presence of the man who most recently co-starred and co-wrote this summer's prospective blockbuster, Star Trek Beyond. Though, at the same time, there's only one of two roles that Pegg would seem cut out for in the existing story structure: the employer of the professional thieves, or their unwitting mark. We'd go with the former, as the latter role could be going to the biggest surprise cast member of all.


Mike Myers

After his cameo role in Quentin Tarantino' Inglorious Basterds, Mike Myers kind of disappeared off of the face of the Earth. More than likely, it had to do with the steaming pile of failure that was The Love Guru being released just a year prior. Whatever the case, it looks like Myers is poised to possibly make a comeback, and Terminal should give him the opportunity to do so. Even better still, the film could give Myers the chance to come back into the fold as the target of Max Irons and Dexter Fletcher's robbery attempt.

Terminal is currently not set for any specific production or release schedule, but as soon as we hear any new information, you'll be the first to know!

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