The character we all know as the Incredible Hulk has had two solo films, but neither was able to earn back its budget domestically. Despite the fact that the both movies did go on to double their budget internationally, the Hulk's previous outings have never been regarded as a success, leaving most to believe that we won't see another one. Think again.

Empire recently caught up with Mark Ruffalo who revealed that his time playing Bruce Banner won't end with his performance in 2012's The Avengers. When asked where the character will go after the Joss Whedon directed team-up film, the actor revealed that not only does Marvel have its plans laid out, but that there may be other individual outing for the Hulk and probably "a couple more Avengers too, which would be fun."

This makes the recasting of Edward Norton even worse. Fans of the character know that The Incredible Hulk was setting up for a sequel involving Samuel Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson) as The Leader, but the film's mediocre box office performance wasn't enough to get it off the ground. So what's the plan now? Continue with the story set up by Norton? Reboot the whole thing? I didn't think the whole recasting situation could get worse, but this is a pretty shitty move.

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