Marlon Wayans Threatens To Make White Chicks 2

Here at Cinema Blend, we love a good buddy cop movie, emphasis on "good." Then there's White Chicks, the buddy cop movie starring Shawn and Marlon Wayans, directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans about two black, male FBI agents who decide to masquerade as prissy white heiresses with the use of whiteface drag as part of the girls' protection detail. Because obviously. The premise was insane, the prosthetic makeup was outlandish nightmare fuel, and the jokes were pretty stupid. But hey, White Chicks made a whopping $113 million worldwide. So how about a sequel?

That's the question VH1 posed to Marlon Wayans, who recently announced plans to make a sequel to his latest comedy A Haunted House. Movie Hole was pleased to report Wayans counts White Girls 2 as a possibility.

"We’re thinking about it, actually seriously talking about doing it. It’s the one thing that everybody begs us to do.”

My only thought upon reading this statement was, 'Everybody? Everybody where?' Apparently the answer is everybody in Australia.

Wayans went on to recount how an audience in Australia was positively thrilled when he quoted the movie, responding with a "rousing applause." He explains, "At a point I just forgot my act and was just like, ‘You said it but you were thinking it,’ and it was like, ‘Haaaaa!’” As to whether he's looking forward to the possibility of playing white girls again, Wayans confesses the required seven hours of makeup was daunting, adding, " God, if white girls have to do that every day, I feel sorry for you!”

I'll be honest, I totally forgot White Chicks happened until I saw this news item. Then, re-watching the trailer, I wished I could go back to five minutes before when I forgot White Chicks had happened. It's just one of those lame, high-concept comedies that played on comedians looking different and acting like fools (Norbit, The Hot Chick, Little Man). The thought of them just brings to mind this South Park parody:

Whether I'd like it or not White Chicks 2 could happen as Marlon's career is having a bit of a resurrection. A Haunted House, which he co-wrote, produced, and starred in made $40 million domestic, which was 16 times more than it cost to make. Plus, he has a noteworthy supporting role in the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy comedy that is at the top of the box office The Heat. Interestingly, in that movie he proved not just funny—in a much more mellow mode than usual—but also a believable and alluring love interest for Bullock. That role could open new doors for Wayans, breaking him into a new niche of leading man. I'd like to see more of him, but by that I mean more range, not retreads of ideas that were exhausting the first time around.

So, while White Chicks 2 is a possibility, I'll be hoping for something new. Because lest we forget, the Wayans Bros follow-up to White Chicks was Little Man, a comedy about a little person (played by Marlon via gratuitous CGI) whose trying to pull off a heist by pretending to be a baby. Remember that one?

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Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.