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We've been dying to see the first Ant-Man trailer, and the feeling only intensified after glimpsing the first piece of footage in that Marvel TV special way back when. Now, we have some good news! Our first look at it has arrived online. The bad news, though, is that you'll have to squint -- really squint -- to make out any of it.

Marvel is having some fun with the first look at the Ant-Man trailer. The full version will drop during the two-hour-long series premiere of Agent Carter this Tuesday, January 6 beginning at 8 p.m. EST. But for now we're treated to this Ant-Man-sized look. Real cute, Marvel.

If you pop up the video quality to 1080 pixels, turn on full-screen mode and really squint, you'll be able to see a few of the stars. That's Paul Rudd as Scott Lang walking towards the camera while flanked by what looks to be a couple of officers.

Paul Rudd

That's followed closely by a shot of Evangeline Lilly rocking her new Wasp-y bob cut.

Evangeline Lilly

The other scenes are, unfortunately, difficult to make out. Though, we do see a man in a suit and tie who appears to be balding, which is likely Corey Stoll's Darren Cross. Hopefully this pint-sized Ant-Man trailer teaser speaks to the comedic elements of the film. Edgar Wright's departure from the project has put a lot of fans on edge, but elements of his script have reportedly remained intact. Though Ant-Man is supposed to be a heist film, Marvel would do well in taking the same approach from Guardians of the Galaxy and playing up the fun factor.

As we await for the full-length Ant-Man trailer, there are a few things we're hoping to see. One, for sure, is Paul Rudd suited up in his Ant-Man costume and kicking butt as this mini-hero. The second is Cross transforming into the villain Yellowjacket, though perhaps Marvel will end up saving that reveal for a later time. The same can probably be said for Lilly's ascension from Hope van Dyne to full Wasp status. If anything, a couple scenes from this mini-trailer seem to be of Scott Lang discovering the Pym Particle technology and training to become a superhero ass-kicker, and we'd welcome a proper look at that. Of course, there's also Haley Atwell's rumored return as Agent Carter to think about.

In Marvel's Ant-Man, the original size-shrinking hero, Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), takes a reformed thief, Scott Lang, under his wing to one day take over for him as Ant-Man. However, Darren Cross, who's taking Pym's company into a sketchy direction, steals this tech for himself and starts wreaking havoc. It then falls to Pym, Lange and Pym's daughter Hope to set things right. Considering Marvel's track record, they'll likely hit the first Ant-Man trailer out of the park. As an added treat, we'll also get the next Avengers 2 trailer a few days later on January 12! Talk about ringing in the new year with a bang.

We zoomed in on parts of the video and analyze it here.

Marvel's Ant-Man hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

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