Marvel Takes A Meeting With The Middle's Eden Sher - UPDATED

What the Heck? Eden Sher announced on Twitter this week that she took a pretty sizable meeting with Marvel yesterday afternoon. Of course, the TV star, known for playing the adorably optimistic Sue Heck in ABC's The Middle, offered no details as to why she was there. But from the sound of it, she was there for a while and there were a lot of issues.

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That in itself sparks obvious curiosity, but it's not entirely clear if she's there to talk about a role, or for other reasons. Via, Marvel-official issued this Tweet, which seems to downplay Eden Sher's appearance at their offices, stating that she was just there to pick up some comics, talk about The Middle finale (that aired last night), and more...

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Combining the two Tweets, Sher was there for hours... picking up comics and talking about last night's finale of The Middle? Well, picking up some comics would be a good reason visit Marvel Entertainment I suppose... especially if those "issues" were source material for a big role, right? Marvel's "& More" mention does give us just a little bit of wiggle room to explore the possibility that Eden Sher is in talks for some kind of role, either on the big screen or small, so let's run with that. (Or not - UPDATE: See Marvel's response to this article below.)

Eden Sher is likely best known for playing the bubbly and constantly-trying Sue Heck in The Middle. If there's an extremely dorky but incredibly motivated and always excited Marvel female character out there, there's probably no better actor in the world to handle the role than Eden Sher, whose performance as Sue is one of the best things about the underrated half-hour comedy, for all the humor and genuine heart she brings to the role. Sue Heck forever.

But let's think beyond that one specific role. The ABC comedy does seem to go out of its way to make Eden Sher appear dorky. And Sher's role as James Franco's assistant in the Veronica Mars movie wasn't a massive jump in terms of Sher's range...

Veronica mars

But let's not judge her prematurely for the awkward floral prints, braces and flannel of her recent roles. Here's a look at Sher out of costume...

Sher red carpet

Photo Credit: ©ABC

So it's really anyone's guess as to what potential Marvel role she could be eyed for. We don't even know if it'll be on the big screen for something like the Thor 3, The Avengers 3 or Captain America 3. Or is it something for the small screen? Our first guess there would be Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Agent Carter, as both series are set up over at ABC, which is obviously close to home for Sher. But there's also Netflix's Marvel projects to consider. We learned earlier this year that Marvel's planned Netflix series for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist would be going into production in New York this Summer. Well, the timing does seem kind of right for casting with that in mind. Has Jessica Jones been cast yet?


How good a guess Jessica Jones actually is would depend on what Netflix has planned for the series. Last we heard, Twilight writer Melissa Rosenberg would be developing that story, and that it was "undergoing redevelopment" for Netflix. So it's unclear if there's a chance it could be an origin story about Jones' early life as a superhero, or if the intention is to focus on her working as a superhero private detective, in which case, she might be older. And it sounds like Daredevil is coming first among the Netflix projects, so we might want to focus our guesses on that. Elektra?

Assuming she's speaking figuratively, the "80 lbs of issues" mentioned in Sher's Tweet may have something to do with her availability, which could be in question due to her commitments with her ABC comedy. The Middle wrapped up its fifth season, and it will be back on the air next year, which may conflict with other projects Sher might be looking to do, whether it's on the big screen or small. But hopefully the Tweet and her excitement-induced paralysis is an indication that something is actually in the works. It would be great to see her step up into a big role beyond the ABC series. But we'll have to wait and see if any more news comes of this.

UPDATE: Marvel Digital Media's Executive Editorial Director Ryan Penagos Tweeted a response, clarifying Sher's visit, stating that she was there for a podcast and to see how comics were made:

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