Marvel Teases New Civil War Trailer With Eerie Team Videos

It looks like we’re going to get one final look at Captain America: Civil War before it debuts on screens in May. A pair of new trailer teasers which call themselves the final teasers are here to let us know that, we assume, the final trailer will be hitting us tomorrow. Each teaser focuses on one side of the conflict and uses that creepy ass chanting we got in the Super Bowl trailer. First, we get to see a few of the people on #TeamCap.

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Every member of Team Captain America is here, thanks to the Cap: Civil War Twitter Page, and none of them look happy. Scarlet Witch literally looks like she’s about to start crying. Sam Wilson looks ready for a fight with his goggles on, but without them he looks pretty dour. The teaser is certainly trying to drive home the feeling that there are not going to be any winners in this fight. Everybody loses when the Avengers go against each other. For the most part, the look at #TeamIronMan feels about the same.

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We see Robert Downey Jr. both in and out off the Iron Man armor as well as Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther with and without his mask. For some reason, we only see War Machine in the armor, without a clear shot of Don Cheadle. Maybe he wasn’t available for the photo shoot. For the most part everybody here looks equally as depressed as Team Captain America. The one exception is Black Widow. She doesn’t look particularly sad. Instead, you get the impression she knows something everybody else does not. Is this look intentional, or just a case of filmmakers not wanting to make Scarlett Johansson look unattractive? Probably the latter, this is Hollywood after all.

It’s been an entire week of Captain America: Civil War from Marvel Studios so far. Monday we saw the unveiling of character posters for Captain America’s side of the fight. Then, yesterday we got the same for Iron Man’s crew. With a trailer on tap for tomorrow it will make four straight days of promotional material. Are we going to see something even bigger on Friday, or will the trailer itself be the last big thing we get?

It’s beginning to look like we won’t be getting a peek at Spider-Man before the movie hits theaters. At first we found this upsetting, but with only two months to go, we’re pretty sure we’ll make it.

We'll drop the trailer as soon as it comes our way, but until then, try your hand at trivia below...

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