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The Marvel Veteran Who Gave Script Notes On Doctor Strange

Tonight's teaser trailer to Doctor Strange marks the end of a long wait to see the first look at Stephen Strange and his supreme ways of sorcery. Yet before the Marvel Cinematic Universe could get strange, it needed to get weird. Which is probably why James Gunn was the go-to guy for director Scott Derrickson during the early days of his Marvel Studios picture.

With their coverage of the red carpet for the world premiere to Captain America: Civil War, CB picked up on some remarks that Scott Derrickson had made about seeking advice from other members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe family. More specifically, Derrickson consulted the Guardians of the Galaxy director in one specific area:

Everybody talks to everybody. I got notes on the Doctor Strange script from James Gunn, and I talked to him every once in awhile, asked him questions.

Out of all of the writing and directing talent Scott Derrickson could have consulted for Doctor Strange, it's not surprising that he'd go straight for James Gunn's expertise. When Gunn started his tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Guardians of the Galaxy, he broke ground in the mostly grounded MCU. Rather than tell another tale of gods among men, or science gone wrong at the right time, James Gunn was drafted to bring Marvel's film business into a wilder environment that would expose folks to stories they could identify with in a world they were just getting used to. So obviously, when the time came for Derrickson and writer C. Robert Cargill to break similar ground with Doctor Strange, Gunn was just the guy to talk to.

Not only was James Gunn's storytelling sensibilities perfect for the "Marvel Cosmic" flavor that Guardians of the Galaxy, but it was also a successful gamble on Marvel's part, ranking in as the third highest grossing film of 2014. On top of that honor, the initial adventures of Star Lord and his teammates became the fourth highest grossing entry in the MCU canon. What was once a shot in the dark became a sure thing, so obviously any bit of Gunn's advice was welcomed by Scott Derrickson and his Doctor Strange crew. The results, as you'll see in the trailer below, are partially a result of all of those consults, and judging by the looks of the footage we've seen thus far, Marvel's latest expansion is going to be yet another successful risk taken.

Slated for a November 4th release, and bolstered by a trailer that looks like Inception without the guard rails, Doctor Strange is ready to take patients and save the world.

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