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If A.C.O.D., the new comedy from writer/director Stuart Zicherman, were to go into production today with only the previously announced members of the cast, I would have been more than satisfied. The movie has already lined up some stellar actors to star in the movie, including Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins and Jane Lynch, but today they've added yet another one.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who made a splash at Sundance this past January with her performance in the indie drama Smashed, has signed on to co-star in the new film. Based on an original script by Zicherman and Ben Karlin, the title, which stands for Adult Children of Divorce, is about a young man named Carter (Scott) who learns that he grew up as part of a psychological experiment determining the effects of divorce on young children. Jenkins is lined up play Carter's father (his character in Step Brothers would be so happy) and Lynch will play a therapist who tries to take a shot at fame with Carter's case. According to Deadline, which broke the casting news, Winstead will play Lauren Stinger, Carter's girlfriend who proves to be the only stable thing in his life.

Sadly this ends the string of casting reunions that the film had going (in addition to the aforementioned Step Brothers connection between Jenkins, Scott also starred with Lynch on the Starz series Party Down), but considering it's Mary Elizabeth Winstead we're talking about I think that's perfectly fine. The actress is quickly proving herself to be one of the finest young talents that Hollywood has to offer with strengths in both comedy and drama. Hopefully she'll be able to show them off in A.C.O.D.

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