Massive Ghostbusters Spoilers May Have Leaked Online Or Someone Just Straight Up Lied

One of the most talked about movies of this summer, for good or ill, is the reboot of Ghostbusters coming in July. Many online have been critical of the film ever since it was announced. Now, somebody claims to have seen an early version of the entire movie and they’re not a fan. While it’s possible that this is on the level, it’s also very possible that this is just the internet being inflammatory, and none of this is accurate.

The summary of the entire Ghostbusters film was posted to Reddit last week by a user going by the name Stantz1984. According to the post, the user works in movie post production, and in that position, has seen an early cut of Ghostbusters in its entirety. (Fishy.) If you want to have the entire film (potentially) spoiled for you, the entire plot is pretty much there for you. It will be easy enough to tell how accurate this is as we get closer to Ghostbusters and then actually see it, as the synopsis certainly goes into specifics including how the original Ghostbusters cast will make their cameos, and specific references to the original film. These are of the easter egg variety, not references to the previous film’s having happened as this is a reboot.

If there’s any reason to believe this is accurate, it would be that it does make specific references to scenes in the Ghostbusters international trailer, and the post went up prior to that trailer’s release. If we do assume that this is Reddit summary is accurate, we can safely say that if you like what you’ve seen in the trailers, you’ll probably like the rest of the movie, and if you didn’t like the trailer, well, you can guess what that means. The humor looks to be very similar throughout the film as a whole, so take that for what it’s worth.

We’ll be keeping our options open as this entire story could be complete BS. A similar incident happened with Batman v Superman, and the Reddit "review" ended up being debunked. We don’t know if the new Ghostbusters movie will be good or not, but we’ll wait to pass judgement until we see it. We hope every movie is good, and so we’ll hold out hope for this one along with all the others.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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