This Ghostbusters Trailer Has A Dragon, A Ghost With Boobs And A Lot More Chris Hemsworth

While the new Ghostbusters movie has been a topic of controversy since it was announced, people finally got their first look at what the movie would actually look like last week when the first trailer was released. Reactions were...mixed. Now the first international trailer has hit, and it gives us a decent amount of new footage. It likely won’t change your mind about anything, but if you liked the first trailer, you’ll probably appreciate this one. And if you didn’t, at least you’ll have something to tweet about today.

The new trailer opens in much the same way that the first one did, reminding us of the original Ghostbusters and then introducing us to the team. The first place where it diverges is that we get to see much more of Chris Hemsworth’s assistant character named Kevin in this international spot. We have the scene where he applies for the job of receptionist. It does not appear he was hired for his typing skills. While he’ll be taking over the role made famous by Annie Potts, we probably see more of him in this trailer than we did of her in the entire original film. It’s clear he’ll be much more "part of the team" than Janine ever was.

We also get to see at least one new ghost. There’s a sequence in the trailer which looks to take place at a heavy metal concert. We assume the fans think the dragon ghost is just a part of the show’s special effects.

image description

Finally, we get a sequence where Kevin has been working on logos for the new company. His first try doesn’t appeal to the ladies.

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We’re guessing the logo question will be ongoing throughout the film, which they finally answer after coming up against the big bad of the movie, which we know resembles the classic Ghostbusters logo. (According to rumors, anyway.)

What do you think of this trailer? Anything look even funnier than before? Any glimmer of hope for a good Ghostbusters reboot? Still terrible? We’re sure opinions will vary but we’re still optimistic Ghostbusters will be good when it hits theaters this summer.

Dirk Libbey
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