Wow, Tom Holland Looks Flipping Awesome Training For Spider-Man

One of the most exhausting parts of getting ready to play a superhero is the workout. It’s vitally important that you look the part of somebody with superhuman strength or speed or whatnot. For Tom Holland, the man who will be Spider-Man in just a few months, it’s about being athletic and agile. It takes work to be able to pull that off, but it doesn’t look like Holland has been skipping any workouts. Check out these moves.

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At this rate, the guy isn’t going to need a stuntman or special effects to pull off this role. His comments attached to the clip make it sound like he hasn’t been working out like this for awhile. If that’s the case, everybody here now feels utterly out of shape. We’re sure it helps to have a trampoline or padded mat underneath you, but still this guy is tearing it up out there. You can just erase the mat with CGI anyway, it’ll be fine. Based on this Instagram post, it looks like this was taken as he was trying out some equipment, and that he was given the Airtrack mat (the thing he’s doing most of the flips on) by the company that produced it.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Holland’s athleticism on display. He’s got a real natural ability that he apparently had before being cast, which likely played a big part in him getting the role to begin with. He’s not perfect, however. He can fall over and smash his face with the best of them. But overall, the guy’s talent will likely make him a fantastic Spider-Man.

While most, if not all, of Tom Holland’s filming for next summer’s Captain America: Civil War is likely wrapped the guy’s gotta stay in game shape. He’s got a standalone Spider-Man movie set for July of 2017. Based on Marvel’s current production schedule, the movie should start filming no later than the summer of 2016, which will be here before you know it. With Holland’s penchant for running, jumping, and climbing, he’s likely looking to do as much of the movie'’s physical work as the insurance company will let him get away with.

We’re excited to see a young, and energetic actor take on the role of Peter Parker. We weren’t all that excited for another bloody Spider-Man movie, but the more we see of this kid, the more excited we can’t help but get. What do you think of our new Spider-Man?

Dirk Libbey
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