New Men In Black III Trailer Slaps Andy Warhol And Explains Time Travel Plot

After what seems like years of speculation about whether it would ever finish production, and even a recent admission from director Barry Sonnenfeld that going into production without a finished script might have been a mistake, Men In Black 3 has a lot of factors working against it as it attempts to be one of the summer's big blockbusters. The first few looks at the film have promised Josh Brolin's pitch-perfect Tommy Lee Jones impression and not much else, but a new trailer that debuted today at Yahoo! offers a better look at the mod 60s setting, the time travel plot, and some giant alien special effects that definitely outpace what the first movie was capable of back in 1997. Take a look at it below.

The slapsticky gags of the Men in Black universe appear to be back in full force, along with a bunch of ever sillier jokes, like the hippie telling Will Smith to get high--literally-- and the jarring nonsense of Smith saying he will "slap the shiznit out of Andy Warhol." When did Agent Jay start speaking in dated mid-90s slang? And why on earth would Andy Warhol-- oh, excuse me, secret agent Bill Hader-- put up with that? Then again, the little circular cycles that Jay and young Kay (Josh Brolin, still awesome) ride through the streets look kind of great, and now that we know a little bit more about the plot, the time travel idea seems to have a little bit of potential.

I still refuse on principle to get too excited about a movie that blatantly struggled to pull its story together, but bad Andy Warhol jokes aside, this looks a little more promising than everything else you've seen so far. Men In Black 3 opens on May 25; let us know if this trailer makes you more excited to see it. And for everything else you need to know about the film, visit our Blend Film Database.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend