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It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had some wild, unsubstantiated Dark Knight casting speculation. Welcome back crazy, probably incorrect tabloid rumors. Here’s the latest: Miley Cyrus auditioned for Batgirl. True? Probably not.

Here’s the story anyway. You be the judge. British newspaper The Globe claims to have “insider” sources who’ve told them that Cyrus is being considered for the part. She “stunned” producers by showing up in a Batgirl costume and hopping around the room and reciting dialogue she’d written for herself. I’m not sure if that’s stunned in a good way or stunned as in “who is this stupid redneck”. Personally I’d expect the latter. Doesn’t exactly sound like the best way to convince producers to take you seriously.

This raises a lot of questions, in particular: Batgirl? Huh? Chris Nolan has been adamant about not bringing in Robin and if you’re not going to bring in Robin, why jump over him to Batgirl? She’s basically Robin, but with a sports bra. Doesn’t make sense. Besides, after a long history of crappy portrayals (hello Alicia Silverstone), it’s hard to believe Nolan or Warner Bros. would be stupid enough to cast Hannah Montana in the role. Sure she brings with her a huge audience, but The Dark Knight was the biggest movie of all time. They’re not exactly hurting for viewers.

So maybe Miley auditioned, maybe this is just more British tabloid BS. Whether or not she did, and assuming the part of Batgirl even actually exists in Batman 3, don’t expect Cyrus to get it.