Mira Sorvino Wants Another Romy And Michele Reunion

I’ve yet to hit my first high school reunion, but those things happen every five or ten years right? Wouldn’t it make sense for Romy and Michele to return to Tucson, Arizona to reunite with Heather Mooney, the A Group, Sandy Frink and Toby Walters sometime soon? I certainly think so and more importantly, so does Romy herself, Mira Sorvino.

While promoting her upcoming film Multiple Sarcasms, Sorvino revealed that there's been talk of doing another Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. “Yeah, we’ve talked about doing another reunion movie. I don’t know. Yes, it would be 15 [years] now, but we’ll see if it ever happens.” She admitted she has a soft spot for the film: “It’s just so silly and fun and it really has resonance with various audiences. It’s just a fun underdog buddy comedy of two very stupid people who have good hearts eventually, so I like that movie.”

And if a sequel did happen, you can probably bet it wouldn't be rated R like the first film, which Sorvino thinks hurt its performance. “It would have done better had it not been rated R. When you think about the movie, it doesn’t feel like an R rated movie, but the F word was used like, I think five times in one sentence by Janeane Garofalo."

Sorvino added, “It’s sad because the way that films make their money is repeat business and what mom is going to bring their teenagers back like five times to see it and that was our main audience and I don’t think at the time they understood that it had an appeal for teenage girls, but it really did because we were like them and then just a little bit older, but the same mentality. It was always that high school mentality. So we lost a lot of repeat business that way.”

Unfortunately Romy and Michele 2 doesn’t look like it’s going to get a green light anytime soon, but at least the topic is still fresh in Sorvino’s mind. The original film came out in 1997, so that would tee the ladies up for a 25 year reunion in 2012. Or how about having Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow play their super old video-chatting selves and put the focus on a younger generation? The possibilities are really endless. Reunion or not, Romy and Michele are two of the most lovable ditzy blonds in film history and I’d like to bet that any fan would be glad to see them back on the big screen in any capacity.

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.