New Mother's Day Comedy Adding Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston And Other Huge Names

It seems that Garry Marshall is ready to continue what's probably best described at this point as his "Holiday Trilogy." It began in 2010 with the star-studded ensemble comedy Valentine's Day; continued with 2011's star-studded ensemble comedy New Year's Eve; and now we have word about Mother's Day - a brand new star-studded ensemble comedy that has already begun putting pieces of its cast together.

So who are the folks that will be populating this brand new project? Deadline has released the info about the project, and you can find our rundown on the cast so far below:

Mothers Day Cast

First up we have Julia Roberts, who is not only a veteran star of Garry Marshall movies, but even had an earlier role in the Holiday Trilogy. The actress and director previously found huge success together working on both 1990's Pretty Woman, and 1999's Runaway Bride (both co-starring Richard Gere), and they most recently worked together on Valentine's Day. Just to make things more interesting, there's a part of me that kind of hopes she winds up playing the same character as she did in that film, Captain Kate Hazeltine.

Mothers Day Cast

Another one of the mothers who will be celebrating the titular holiday in the movie will be Jennifer Aniston. Unlike Roberts, this will be the first time that the actress has had the opportunity to work with the director, so there's really no predicting what her part will entail in Mother's Day. Aniston's last big movie was the comedy sequel Horrible Bosses 2, but late last year she earned a bit of Oscar buzz for her role in the drama Cake.

Mothers Day Cast

The third and final actress to be announced as the first members of the Mother's Day cast is Kate Hudson, who will apparently be playing another mom working through her own personal drama simultaneously as the other characters. This will be the first movie that Hudson has made with Garry Marshall since Raising Helen, which came out back in 2004.

Mothers Day Cast

Lastly we have the only man to be a part of the Mother's Day ensemble, as Jason Sudeikis will make the film has his first collaboration with the director. It will be interesting to see if he winds up getting paired with Jennifer Aniston's story, given that the two of them have already worked together in three movies now: both of the Horrible Bosses and 2013's We're The Millers.

Screenwriters Anya Kochoff-Romano and Lily Hollander have penned the script, and the movie seems to be moving fast. Production is scheduled to start in August, which means that it could be in theaters for 2016's Mother's Day. The bad news for the movie is that's the same weekend that Marvel Studios is planning to release the massive blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. It will be interesting to see how things work out.

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