New Movie 43 Featurette Plays A Game Of Six Degrees Of Separation

Six degrees of separation is a game that every movie buff knows. Whether you're playing by yourself or with a bunch of people, there's no better or more fun way to test film knowledge. But every expert player knows that there are some titles that make the game a hell of a lot easier, namely ensembles. The bigger the cast of a film has, the more options it delivers - which means that Movie 43 will be a favorite for players for years to come.

With the R-rated omnibus comedy due out at the end of the month Relativity Media has put together a brand new featurette that not only shows off the ridiculously talented cast - featuring names like Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, and more - but how they all weave together in their own little game of six degrees of separation. It's a shame that Kevin Bacon isn't in one of the film's segments or it could have gotten really fun. Check out the new preview below!

Featuring the works of directors like Steven Brill, Peter Farrelly, Elizabeth Banks, and James Gunn, Movie 43 exists in the spirit of films like Kentucky Fried Movie and The Underground Comedy Movie in that it brings together a bunch of people you know and puts them in vile, horrific sketches meant to make you both sick and laugh. The comedy will be in theaters on January 25th and to see the full line up of stars, as well as images and the first trailer head over to our Blend Film Database.

Eric Eisenberg
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