The Muppets Sequel Set Photos Reveal That It Starts Seconds After The First One

Amy Adams and Jason Segel aren't returning as the human stars of The Muppets… Again!, but some photos snapped on the film's set in Los Angeles suggest they'll be there at least for a minute-- and maybe only in the form of stand-ins.

The photo you see above was shared on twitter by Jon Klaft, and seems to be happening immediately after the final musical number that closed out The Muppets, with Segel's Gary and Adams's Mary turning their backs to the camera while Miss Piggy, Kermit and Walter face forward and keep the story going. (They've matched the clothes that Segel and Adams wore perfectly-- you can compare it to the final musical number here). here to compare). Slashfilm has the insider information that this shot won't be a flashback in the new film, and that The Muppets… Again! will in fact kick off just seconds after the end of the first film, with everyone still riding high on their successful comeback performance at the El Capitan theater. From there they move on to tour Europe, but run into trouble when Kermit's doppelgänger turns out to be the notorious criminal Constantine. You can imagine how difficult a case of mistaken identity can be for a Muppet who's just kicked off his career comeback.

The Muppets… Again! has been shooting for a while now, and we've already gotten some official and less official updates and looks behind the scenes of the film, which recruits Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, Til Schweiger, Christoph Waltz and a bunch of promised surprise cameos to fill in the human side of things. It's coming to theaters on March 21 next year.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend