Nick Cannon might be the hardest working man in Hollywood. Haven’t heard of him? Then you aren’t watching America’s Got Talent, which he hosts. You’re not tuning in to MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. And you aren’t a New York City radio listener, where Cannon co-hosts Rollin’ With Nick Cannon every morning on 92.3 FM. Yet Cannon still needs something to do with his spare time, and so Mariah Carey’s busy husband is planning to direct the next generation of House Party movies. Brilliant!

“[I’m] taking a lot of the young hip-hop acts of today and putting them in a movie with a bunch of comedians, make something happen there,” Cannon told The New York Post while attending Bleu magazine’s party, where the multi-faceted entertainer received a “Man of the Year” award. Get me Kid ‘n Play on the phone! Are they still a thing? Could we make them a “thing” again?

In all honesty, I’m glad that this sounds more like Cannon leaning on a formula that worked well for three (three!!) House Party films instead of just blatantly rebooting a recognizable franchise. It’d be even better if he stayed away from the House Party brand, coming up with his own original name but still speaking to a new generation of music aficionados who’d be thrilled to see a mash up of talents in one movie.

To that end, who would you like to see Cannon lure on screen? And do you think he has what it takes to be a director? We’ll keep you posted on details of this project. And if you have Kid or Play’s telephone number, forward it on over and we’ll see if they’re available.

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