The Purge
This horror story is set in an America that is almost perfect. Unemployment and crime are at all time lows. But the cost of this peace is that one night a year all crime is legal. And on this night where murder and mayhem reign, a family is held hostage when they accidentally harbor the subject of one murderous team's pent-up rage. Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Max Burkholder co-star; James DeMonaco writes and directs. (Read our review here.)

Looking over the titles in Netflix's streaming library, it's easy to see being hunted is a common fear of mankind. For more creepy tales of hunting and horror, try these titles where man is prey of subterranean terrors, demonic dolls, and Nazi zombies.

Tremors(1990) Set in small town surrounded by vast desert, this horror-comedy follows a pair of roughneck locals who have to become heroes when massive man-eating worms are unearthed beneathed their feet. You can run, but you better get off the ground. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward star; Ron Underwood directs.

Child's Play 2: Chucky's Back (1990) Poor Andy! Following his first brush with a Good Guy doll possessed by a serial killer, his single mom has been committed to an insane asylum and he's been placed in foster care. But things get worse when Chucky returns, looking once more to stalk Andy so he can use voodoo to take over his body. And he'll kill anyone who gets in his way! Alex Vincent and Brad Dourif star; John Lafia directs.

Dead Snow (2009) This Norwegian gore-fest centers on four friends who make a very unfortunate choice for a vacation spot. Shortly after their arrival, an unexpected guest tells them of the area's dark history. A band of Nazis once overran the area, torturing and killing its inhabitants and looting their valuables. When they were eventually chased into the mountains, it was assumed they froze to death. But when their hidden treasures are disturbed, these hateful killers return from the grave to wreak bloody revenge! Vegar Hoel, Charlotte Frogner, and Jeppe Beck Laursen star; Tommy Wirkola directs.

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