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While it’s far from a sure thing that there will even be a Magic Mike 3, that hasn’t stopped Channing Tatum from doing a little dream casting for himself. In a recent interview doing promotion for his new movie, Hail, Caesar, Tatum came to the realization that a perfect new cast member for the next outing would be one of his co-stars, the phenomenal George Clooney.

The two were making media appearances together promoting Caesar when the interviewer from Yahoo asked Channing Tatum if he had spoken to Clooney about joining him for a Magic Mike sequel. At first the two actors had a good laugh about how it was already a done deal. Clooney even gave the film it’s new subtitle, Magic Mike: Take it to the Limit, before Tatum actually appeared to realize that it might not be a terrible idea. Ultimately, he just wants to get Clooney in one dance sequence, and he’s willing to go to great lengths to make it happen.
I would probably cut my arms off to have you [in Magic Mike]. I would love to design a dance for you. I would get so excited. I wouldn’t even know where to start."

What Channing Tatum’s own dance sequences would look like in Magic Mike 3 after he’s cut his arms off is not clear. It doesn’t really seem like they would be very good.

Because the second film Magic Mike XXL had a lackluster theatrical release compared to the original, there is by no means a guarantee that a third film is on its way. Having said that, we can imagine that a guest appearance by George Clooney would probably change the studio’s opinion in a hurry. Yes, Clooney is 54 years old, but he’s an actor in the public eye. He has to keep himself in fairly good shape overall and with a few extra gym visits, he might be able to obtain the physique necessary to pull of a dance number. And face it, tens of thousands of people would buy a ticket just to see if he could pull it off. Clooney laughs off the idea but at the same time seems to say he would do a great job. Is he joking, or is he serious? You be the judge.

Would you buy a ticket to see George Clooney in Magic Mike: Take it to the Limit? In the meantime you can see Channing Tatum do a different kind of dancing in Hail, Caesar when it opens on Friday.