Watch Jimmy Kimmel And George Clooney's Failed ER Reunion

Jimmy Kimmel Live! occasionally puts together sort-of reunions for late night, and last night the late night host convinced George Clooney to come on and do an ER reunion special. Unfortunately, most of the former ER cast members weren’t available to do the bit, so the two men got hammy and did the reunion, instead. You can check out the segment—complete with a special guest—below.

After spending some time talking about how Julianna Margulies couldn’t make the “reunion” because she was busy on The Good Wife, how Noah Wylie couldn’t make it because his family was really into Taco Tuesday and how Eric La Salle had jury duty, Jimmy Kimmel did reveal that he had managed to land a special guest for the “reunion.” That guest ended up being none other than Hugh Laurie, who was dressed in a doctor’s coat and ready to reprise his role as Dr. Gregory House from House, M.D..

house and Clooney

The goofy bit continued with House and George Clooney’s ER character, Dr. Doug Ross, taking a look at Jimmy Kimmel’s lower half and cracking jokes about how they don’t do “microsurgery.” At one point, both Hugh Laurie and George Clooney started throwing out medical lingo as they bemoaned that they needed ER vet Sherry Stringfield’s help. (Unfortunately, she couldn’t get an Uber.) It was all very, very funny, and we'll go ahead and reveal that there was also a rap component involved, courtesy of Mr. George Clooney.

A while back, Jimmy Kimmel was able to get a few of the gals from Friends on the same stage to do a bit of a reunion sketch, so I’m wondering if that was the original plan and other ER former cast members did all decline. Alternatively, the sketch could have always been conceived as a goofy riff on a reunion segment, especially since that Friends reunion” got blown out of proportion a few weeks ago. However it happened, we’re pretty glad this one came together.

Jimmy Kimmel is a man who is often more fond of sending crew members out to talk to people on the streets or prank people at home, rather than playing fun games and doing oddball sketches--as is Jimmy Fallon's preferred format. However, the "ER Cast Reunion" sketch really works and we'd be happy to see more of these in the future--especially if Hugh Laurie continues to be involved.

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